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In an era where regulatory compliance shapes the future of finance, your ability to adapt and innovate is key.


At, we specialise in empowering EMIs beyond PSD2 adherence. We provide more than just a compliance solution; we offer a partnership that revolutionises the way you operate in the fintech landscape. 


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Our robust track record of collaboration with EMIs underscores the transformative power of our Dedicated Interface solution. We've enabled numerous institutions to streamline their compliance workflows and enhance their regulatory reporting capabilities. With rapid deployment, often within days, this is compliance agility at its best, setting a new industry standard.


Rapid, Hassle-Free Deployment

Experience the ease with which our clients have integrated our solutions.

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Streamlined Integration

Our transparent, low-cost pricing model ensures no hidden costs, just smooth integration.


Deployment at Pace

Designed for rapid implementation, our solution is ideal for banks and ASPSPs, significantly cutting down your time-to-market.


Robust Monitoring and Testing

You're equipped with top-notch security and continuous compliance assurance.


Secure TPP Access

Facilitate seamless third-party provider interactions with secure permission controls, ensuring end-user safety.


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Join the ranks of leading financial institutions who have transformed their operations with our Dedicated Interface solution.

With a range of features and pricing plans, we can get you compliant in no time, and keep you there.


Let us take the strain for you, so you can focus on what you do best – providing excellent products and services to your end users.

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Discover the power of our Dedicated Interface solution that can redefine your approach to compliance and innovation.

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